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Uniform and Equipment

The wearing of school uniform is an important element of Park School life. We are very proud of our school uniform.

The School’s outfitter is Schoolwear Solutions of Leicester. The outfitters visit the School twice each year (at the end of the Lent Term and during the Summer Term). To arrange an appointment or place an order please telephone: 0116 216 0665. Alternatively, follow the link below to order your uniform (parents should ‘Search by School’ select Park School and then enter the password: Park)

Visit Schoolwear Solutions website

Our uniform lists can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

Boys Uniform List – Reception to Year 2

Boys Uniform List – Years 3 to 6

Girls Uniform List – Reception to Year 2

Girls Uniform List – Years 3 to 6

S2017 Shoe List

Recommended Pen List

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Friends of Park School

Friends of Park School (‘FOPS’) is an organisation which provides parents with the opportunity to share in the educational experience that the school offers their children, make an active contribution to the life of the school and meet other parents and families.

One of the purposes of FOPS is to organise social events for school parents and children. These may include Race Nights, Quiz Evenings and the Summer Ball for parents. Children in Need Day, the Disco and the school’s annual Summer Fair are for children.

Each year, FOPS raise funds which are divided between spending for our pupils and a chosen charity for the year (usually local).
FOPS is led by a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson. Each class has a parent or two who act as FOPS Representatives who are involved in the following:-

– Arranging social events for their class, such as coffee mornings or evenings out.
– Acting as a point of contact for new parents and liaising with the class parents regarding school-wide social events and reminders from the school.
– Attending FOPS meetings (approximately three per school year) led by the FOPS Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson.
– Assisting the FOPS Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson with school-wide social events.
– Parents who would like to be volunteer helpers on class trips out of school should contact the School Office, and/or one of the class teacher.

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Future Term Dates


Summer Term 2018

Please note we have changed the last day of term since the original posting.

Staff Inset (School Closed) Thursday, 19 April 2018
Staff Inset (School Closed) Friday, 20 April 2018
Term beginsMonday, 23 April 2018
May Day Bank HolidayMonday, 7 May 2018
Half TermMonday, 28 May 2018 to Friday, 1 June 2018 inc.
Term endsFriday, 13 July 2018 (after Speech Day 12.00 noon)
Staff Inset (School Closed)Monday, 16 July 2018


Michaelmas Term 2018

Staff Inset (School Closed)Monday, 3 September 2018
Staff Inset (School Closed)Tuesday, 4 September 2018
Term beginsWednesday, 5 September 2018 at 8.45am
(new Reception pupils begin at 9.15am - 9.30am)
Staff Inset (School Closed)Friday, 19 October 2018
Half TermMonday, 22 October to Friday, 26 October 2018 inc.
Term endsFriday, 14 December 2018 (after the Carol Service 10.30am - 12 noon)

Lent Term 2019

Staff Inset (School Closed)Thursday, 3 January 2019
Staff Inset (School Closed)Friday, 4 January 2019
Term beginsMonday, 7 January 2019
Half TermMonday, 18 February to Friday, 22 February 2019 inc.
Term endsFriday, 29 March 2019
Staff Inset (School Closed)Monday, 1 April 2019
Staff Inset (School Closed)Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Summer Term 2019

Term beginsTuesday, 23 April 2019
May Day Bank HolidayMonday, 6 May 2019
Half TermMonday, 27 May 2019 to Friday, 31 May 2019 inc.
Term endsFriday, 12 July 2019 (after Speech Day 12.00 noon)
Staff Inset (School Closed)Monday, 15 July 2019


Michaelmas Term 2019

Staff Inset (School Closed)Monday, 2 September 2019
Staff Inset (School Closed)Tuesday, 3 September 2019
Term beginsWednesday, 4 September 2019 at 8.45am
(new Reception pupils begin at 9.15am - 9.30am)

Download Future Term Dates

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e-Safety Resources for Parents

Tips and advice for keeping your family safe online:

How to set up the parental controls offered by your Internet service provider (BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media), if you not using a more advanced solution like Sophos Home: Click here to download

Other resources for parents from the UK Safer Internet Centre: Go to UK Safer Internet website

Google Family Safety Centre: Go to website

Sophos Home – Free security and web-filtering

Sophos has recently released Sophos Home, a free security product for home computers. Sophos Home protects both Macs and PCs from malicious software, inappropriate websites and viruses. Listed as one of “The Best Free Antivirus Utilities for 2016” from PC Mag, you get business-grade security to protect your family online.

Advanced Computer Security

Sophos Home will remove malware, viruses, ransomware, and malicious apps and programs. It goes far beyond signature-based prevention of known malware. Sophos Home correlates suspicious behaviors and activities using real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs.

Block Unwanted Content

Control the content your family can view with web filtering. Easily decide what to allow, warn, or block for each computer. Sophos will also automatically block websites that contain malware and viruses, bad websites pretending to be legitimate, and phishing attacks.

Easy to Install and Manage

Quickly register and begin adding computers in no time. Installation is fast and you can start a virus scan or add new web filters immediately. Secure computers located anywhere in the world. Enjoy no ads, pop-ups, or prompts to enter credit card information.


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Excellent communication is an essential part of an outstanding school. Where parents, pupils and the school are pulling in the same direction, the progress pupils achieve will often surpass all expectation.

A written report on each individual’s progress is sent to his/her parents five times a year, each report containing National Curriculum levels in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Formal parent/teacher meetings take place once per term.

As well as being available in the mornings, class teachers release their pupils directly to parents at the end of each day thus providing opportunities to talk.

Reading Records and Homework Diaries provide additional methods of communication and parents are encouraged to discuss matters concerning their children with the teachers and the Headteacher at any mutually convenient time.

At the start of each school day the Headteacher, Bursar or Principal Administrator may often be seen standing at the school gate.  Please take the opportunity to have a chat or make an appointment.

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Absence from School

Please find the downloadable Absence Request form below.

This must be completed for all time away from school (e.g. music or other external exams, medical appointment, dentist).

The completed form should be returned to the School Office for authorisation.

Download Absence Form

Inclement Weather Policy

It is our policy to stay open if at all possible. In the absence of any message to the contrary, you can assume that the School is open and that Breakfast Club and After School Care Club will take place as usual. We endeavour to put on all scheduled after school clubs. If after school clubs have to be cancelled during the course of the day, then this message will be given to parents/carers at the standard home time. Any child who was expecting to be in an after school club and is not picked up at the standard home time will be looked after until the scheduled end of the club. If it is not safe for you to travel to school, then please do not jeopardise your safety or that of your child. Similarly, if you feel it is not safe to wait until usual home time to collect your child, then please do pick up your child earlier.

Absences due to inclement weather

If your child cannot attend school on any particular day, it is important to telephone the School Office. All absences need to be ‘authorised’ in the official school register. If you let us know that it is not safe for your child to attend due to inclement weather, then your child’s absence will be entered as ‘authorised’.

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Nursery Holidays

The Nursery is open 51 weeks a year but to match the council funding it has the following continuous terms. Please note that these dates may be subject to some small changes.


Michaelmas Term 2017

Term beginsFriday, 1 September 2017
Term endsFriday, 22 December 2017

Lent Term 2018

Inset Day (Nursery Closed)Tuesday, 2 January 2018
Term beginsWednesday, 3 January 2018
Term endsFriday, 30 March 2018

Summer Term 2018

Term beginsMonday, 2 April 2018
Easter Bank Holiday (Nursery Closed)Friday, 30 March 2018
Easter Bank Holiday (Nursery Closed)Monday, 2 April 2018
May Day Bank Holiday (Nursery Closed)Monday, 7 May 2018
Spring Bank Holiday (Nursery Closed)Monday, 28 May 2018
Summer Bank Holiday (Nursery Closed)Monday, 27 August 2018
Term endsFriday, 31 August 2018

Michaelmas Term 2018

Term begins Monday, 3 September 2018

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