An independent day school for boys and girls aged 2 - 11 years.
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Excellent communication is an essential part of an outstanding school. Where parents, pupils and the school are pulling in the same direction, the progress pupils achieve will often surpass all expectation.

A written report on each individual’s progress is sent to his/her parents five times a year, each report containing National Curriculum levels in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Formal parent/teacher meetings take place once per term.

As well as being available in the mornings, class teachers release their pupils directly to parents at the end of each day thus providing opportunities to talk.

Reading Records and Homework Diaries provide additional methods of communication and parents are encouraged to discuss matters concerning their children with the teachers and the Headteacher at any mutually convenient time.

At the start of each school day the Headteacher, Bursar or Principal Administrator may often be seen standing at the school gate.  Please take the opportunity to have a chat or make an appointment.