An independent day school for boys and girls aged 2 - 11 years.
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Nursery Policies


Nursery Sleep Policy

Children need sleep and rest periods to help development. Children all develop at different rates and we must meet their needs throughout the day at Nursery. As they grow they will usually develop a routine which involves reducing the length or the frequency of their daytime sleeps.

Children at Nursery have the opportunity to rest or sleep if they need or want to throughout the day. The staff will create an environment for the children to rest or sleep i.e. a quiet area to cuddle up with a book, or sleep mats.

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Nursery Transition Policy

At Park School we are committed to support the children and parents through the transitions within the Nursery and School setting. We understand that it is essential to manage transitions carefully and sensitively. Although it may initially be a daunting and unsettling experience for any child, we ensure that children feel secure, prepared and ready for the next challenge.

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Changing and Toilet Training Policy

We work with parents towards toilet training, unless there are medical or other developmental reasons why this may not be appropriate at the time. We see toilet training as a self-care skill that children have the opportunity to learn with the full support and non-judgemental concern of adults.

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Nursery Terms and Conditions

Please download our current Nursery Terms and Conditions.  Please refer to section 9 for information on Notice periods.

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