Ethos, Values & Aims

What we care about most is developing well-rounded and complete young people; children who will move on from us with confidence, ready for life’s challenges. To do this we have four key values that we live by

PARK values


Park School pupils are encouraged to show good manners at all times. Using ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ whenever they interact with others shows consideration for everyone in the community. We remind children to think about the needs of others by holding doors, stepping aside and sharing what they have. Making eye contact and offering words of welcome when someone new visits, as well as standing up when an adult enters the room, shows respect for everyone they meet.


At Park we do not put any limits on what children can achieve. All staff encourage the children to be the very best they can be and strive to achieve as much as they are capable of. When working in class pupils are challenged to complete tasks that extend their knowledge and understanding and help them to develop their problem-solving skills.


When learning any new skill there will be times when children will find things challenging and need support and encouragements to persist and ‘keep trying’. It is only by facing their fears and learning from their mistakes that children will learn resilience. Having strategies to cope with setbacks and applying what they have learned to new situations means Park pupils develop a more positive mental attitude which will help them to achieve their full potential as they move hrough their educational journey.


Being kind allows everyone to communicate better, be more compassionate, and also to be a positive force in people's lives. Park School children are taught the qualities of kindness by being friendly, generous and considerate of others. Throughout their time at school Park pupils are encouraged to show kindness to all they meet.