Ethos, Values & Aims

At Park School we live by our values to inspire our young people to become responsible, reflective and successful adults. The children love our system of daily reward stickers for demonstrating these values, and they especially look forward to our end of year Speech Day, when the best role models from each year group receive the accolade of being appointed P.A.R.K. Ambassadors. Amongst our community, being described as "Park" is a great compliment.

PARK values


Good manners are the hallmark of all great communicators, and Park School pupils are expected to show respect for others at all times. We remind children to put others' needs before their own and to share what they have. They are taught, through practice and example, to overcome any shyness they feel in favour of confident, considerate communication.


At Park we look for the skills and talents in every child and set high expectations for their achievements. In class, on the sports field, in the arts, technology and in extracurricular activities, children are challenged to complete tasks that extend their knowledge and understanding and help them develop the skills to improve the world they will inherit.


The world can be a tough and complicated place. At Park, we help children to manage their insecurities and fears, and to face their problems head on. In a safe and nurturing environment, children are supported to try again when things go wrong. In this way they develop the positive mental attitude that will strengthen and sustain them throughout their lives.


Kindness and empathy are modelled daily by the staff here at Park, and children quickly learn to emulate their behaviour. They soon experience the pleasure of giving joy to others, and the happiness of having many friends with whom to work and play. They learn to express their feelings in an atmosphere of trust, which improves communication and makes for a happy school!