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Park School Notifications

Y5 & Y6 Netball League Finals – Delayed return

The netball matches are delayed and so we now expect pupils to be back at School for 5pm rather than 4.45pm.


Year 3 and Year 4 Hockey vs Yarrells cancelled

The Year 3 and Year 4 Hockey matches against Yarrells at Chapel Gate have been cancelled today.

All children will be onsite for normal school pick up.


Year 3 Netball cancelled – 12 March

Due to the high winds, Yarrells have cancelled today’s match. Children can be collected at normal time or they will be looked after until 4pm.


Hooke Court Update

After getting rather muddy at the river yesterday and having a good night’s sleep, Year 5 have opened their letters from home and are all busy cooking soups and sauces this morning!


Year 5 have arrived at Hooke Court

Year 5 have arrived safely at Hooke Court and are looking forward to an exciting few days.


Netball vs Malmesbury Park cancelled today – 26 February

The Netball match against Malmesbury Park at Park School has been cancelled. Children can be collected at normal time or they will be held in School until the planned end of the match.


Matches against Buckholme Towers cancelled

Buckholme Towers have contacted us to say that they are unable to play today’s Year 3 netball at Dean Park. Children will be training instead.


Reminder – No After School Clubs this week

Due to Parent Teacher week there are no clubs after School this week, apart from After School Care Club.


Netball Club cancelled

Due to the rain we have cancelled Netball Club tonight. Parents can collect their children from School at normal time or they will be looked after in the ICT Suite until 4.30pm.


Schoolwear Solutions visiting Park

Schoolwear Solutions will be visiting Park School at the end of this term so that you can purchase new Summer and Junior School Sports Uniform direct from them. They will be in the Dining Room on Friday, 29 March from 3.10pm until 5.00pm and on Saturday, 30 March from 9.00am until 3.00pm.

They will also be at the School to sell Winter Uniform on Saturday, 29 June (9.00am to 5.00pm) and Sunday, 30 June (9.00am to 2.30pm). As usual, the Saturday will be appointment only for new parents and Sunday will be open for all parents and no appointment is required.

Lower School PE kit is available from the School Office throughout the term.