Exam success

Each year a number of our Year 6 pupils sit entrance exams for the local Grammar schools and local independent schools.

This year Park pupils have continued to demonstrate a high level of achievement across a range of academic subjects. This is reflected in our strong Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs results. The national average for children achieving the expected standards in reading, writing and maths this year was 59%. At Park, 95% of pupils achieved or exceeded the expected standard in all areas. In Reading, 99% of Park pupils in Year 6 achieved or exceeded the national standard and 94% achieved this in maths, an improvement on the last SATs results in 2019.  (There were no SATs in 2020 or 2021 due to Covid.)

In addition, twenty-three of our Year 6 pupils achieved the eligibility score for a grammar school place. Of these, seventeen have chosen to take up their place at grammar school, whilst almost a quarter of the year group were awarded scholarships to local independent schools. This shows the breadth and depth of learning that children experience at Park, and the many opportunities they have had to improve their talents. We are extremely proud of them all.