Preparing your child for school

It is important that children are ready to leave nursery and move onto school.

To ensure there is a good and effective transition for the children to school, we work hard to build relationships with the local schools. We try to visit the schools the children will be attending, giving the children a chance to meet the teachers and see the school.

Some nurseries have created transition bags at their nursery. The bags have been introduced for parents to borrow to prepare their child for the transition to big school. The bags contain a school uniform, pencil case and activity booklets.

The following are the key skills outlined by Ofstead that children should have learnt before starting school

  • Following simple instructions
  • Being able to use the toilet
  • Make themselves understood by others
  • Have essential skills such as sitting still, listening and following commands
  • To be aware of other peers
  • Follow boundaries set for behaviour
  • Ask an adult for help
  • Undress themselves
  • Talk in sentences
  • Recognise their own name