Pupil absence request


Please report pupil daily absences everyday by telephoning the School Office (option 2). 

Inclement Weather Policy

It is our policy to stay open if at all possible. In the absence of any message to the contrary, you can assume that the School is open and that Breakfast Club and After School Care Club will take place as usual. We endeavour to put on all scheduled after school clubs. If after school clubs have to be cancelled during the course of the day, then this message will be given to parents/carers at the standard home time. Any child who was expecting to be in a club and is not picked up at the standard home time will be looked after until the scheduled end of the club. If it is not safe for you to travel to school, then please do not jeopardise your safety or that of your child. Similarly, if you feel it is not safe to wait until usual home time to collect your child, then please do pick up earlier.

Absences Due To Inclement Weather

If your child cannot attend school on any particular day, it is important to telephone the School Office. All absences need to be authorised in the official school register. If you let us know that it is not safe for your child to attend due to inclement weather, then your child’s absence will be entered as ‘authorised’.