Nutrition at Park Nursery

At Park Nursery, the children are offered a range of delicious, nutritious food throughout the day. Careful consideration of suitable, beneficial nutrition is a priority in our Nursery. All of our food is cooked on site by our Chef and Kitchen Team. They prepare a wide range of hot lunches and tea options. Our menu works on a three-weekly rota, and you can find example menus below. 

Food and Timings

Children at Park Nursery are offered breakfast (between 8am-8:30am), a healthy mid-morning snack, a hot cooked-lunch, and tea. All food is provided within our session's costs. 

Dietary allergies, requirements, and preferences. 

We are able to cater for a range of allergies, dietary requirements and preferences. Please note, the School & Nursery site aim to be completely nut and sesame free. If you have any questions about your child’s requirements, feel free to ask us!