Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have any questions? See our FAQs below! 

If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us at [email protected] 

What curriculum do Park Nursery follow?

We follow the EYFS Birth to 5 Matters curriculum, click here to learn more about the learning, activites and opportunities our children get up to! 

Do you have a fee list available? And do you accept funding?

Yes, and yes!

Fees: Our most recent fee list is listed within our 'Fees & Funding' Page, click here to be taken to our fee information.  

Funding: We take part in the government 15 and 30 hours of funding. We also accept tax-free childcare vouchers. Please see our separate funding booklet for all funding related questions. To request our booklet, please contact [email protected] 

How do I enquire for a Nursery place?

We are so pleased that you are interested in enquiring for Park Nursery, and we look forward to welcoming you to out setting soon. 

Click here to see all of our admissions and enrolment information, alongside our helpful step-by-step guide of all things Nursery Admissions. 

What are your opening hours?

We are open 8am - 6pm across our Nursery. For more information about our session and collection times, click here to visit our session page. 

Do you have a session policy?

To ensure each child in our Nursery develops bonds, feels secure and settles successfully, we do have a minimum session policy of 4 sessions per week. Ultimately, we want your child to enjoy Nursery as much as possible!

To read more on our session policy, click here to reach our session page. 

Can I see what my child is doing daily at Nursery? And can I contact you throughout the day to check in?

Of course! We know how important it is for parent's to be involved in their child's nursery life, and we actively encourage strong partnerships and communication between you and the Nursery. At Park Nursery, we use an information app called Blossom. There are lots of ways you can see what your child is up to, such as viewing observations by practioners, reading our daily summary, and also by contacting us on the instant message function. 

To learn more about Blossom and the wonderful features, please click here to see our parent and communications page. 

Is food provided at the Nursery? Is there an extra cost for this?

At Park Nursery, our on-site chef and kitchen team prepare a wide range of hot lunches and tea options for your child whilst at Nursery. We also offer Breakfast, and a healthy snack. All food is provided within our session fees. 

For more information on the food provided, to see example menus, or any further information, click here to see our Nutrition page. 

My child has an allergy, can the Nursery cater for this?

Of course! We are able to cater for a range of allergies, dietary requirements and preferences. Please note, the School & Nursery site aim to be completely nut and sesame free. If you have any questions about your child’s specific requirements, feel free to ask us! 

For more information on the food provided, to see example menus, or any further information, click here to see our Nutrition page. 

Have you been inspected by Ofsted or ISI? Are the reports available to read?


As we are a part of Park School, we are inspected by both Ofsted (Baby room), and by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) (the rest of the nursery). We are delighted to announce that the baby room at Park has recently been rated outstanding, joining the rest of the School and Nursery who are rated double excellent by ISI.

All of our reports are provided on our website, and we encourage you to have a read! Click here to see our inspection reports. 

What do I need to make sure my child brings in?

This will depend on the age and stage of your child’s development.

Children who sleep at Nursery: 

o Named fitted cot sheet,

o Named sleeping bag / cellular blanket,

o Any comforters needed

Children who are in nappies: 

o Nappies,

o Wipes,

o Any nappy creams used on your child.

Please note: Staff will contact you when we need more of these items, and Nursery do have Sudocrem if needed.

Bottle, breast, and formula feeding: 

o Parents are asked to provide bottles if their child still uses them, as well as either formula or expressed breast milk (daily) for their feeds.

o Bottles will be sent home at the end of the day to ensure effective sterilisation.



All children will need to bring a named backpack with the following items daily:

o Named water bottle,

o At least two changes of clothes (more for those toilet training!)

o A named wet bag for any dirty or wet clothing,

o A named coat.

We ask children to keep the following items at nursery:

o Named welly boots,

o Named sun cream (no almond oil included),

o Named sunhat,

o Named winter hat and water proof gloves